'The Passing'

'The Passing'

Charles L. East

The hand of time
shall soon close itself about me.
The winds of winter foretell the final days
which demand I step into the endless depths of eternity…
powerless to deny it's irresistible command,
I must now accept repose beneath the silent
earth of the valley.

While reflecting in my quietest moments,
I sometimes ponder the hour of my birth
when I beheld in wonderment…
the fading, twinkling stardust upon my tiny hands,
and then how I followed, with such unfailing resolve and courage,
the burdened path destiny lay before me.

The softly tolling bell proclaims my journey near an end,
at last… my duty done.
Weep not, nor utter regret,
for I shall touch the stars once more
and with…stardust covered fingers…begin the
journey once again.

by Zorika Petic

Comments (3)

David, you poetry continue to grow in stature. This one has a pleasing shape and an awesome message about life and acceptance of the black and the white of it. The shining... Yes, I think that about sums it all up. Lovely poem. Allie xxxx
lessons in living borne out of lived experience...feels good to read.
great lessons here..thanks for sharing..