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For Me Penning Of Rhyme

I am in my mid sixties with little money to my name
But for that i only have myself for to blame
I had my money making opportunities but i left them go by
In some ways i feel a failure that i will not deny

For many years i have been addicted to rhyme
I penned my first verses when in my life's prime
In time i am going back thirty eight years ago
The biological clock becomes everyone's foe

With so little money and a stranger to fame
For me penning of rhyme 'a hungry belly game'
My best years in life to the forever gone
I must be addicted for to keep penning on

When in it for me no financial gain
Suppose addictions until death with us does remain
And suppose i will be rhyming till the day i do die
If i did tell you different that would be a lie

For many years i have been a rhyming buff
And i am one of those who has penned heaps of stuff
But i do enjoy doing it is all i can say
And what i enjoy doing why should i give away.

by Francis Duggan

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