For Meggie In Friendship

There is a young woman,
who lives so far away from me;
if she lived closer,
I could give her a big hug.
We came across one another,
not very long ago,
since then she has touched
my heart and soul
with her poems and prayers.
She held out the hand of friendship
as I held mine out to her,
we both accepted gratefully,
and two distant lives were touched
from half way a world away.
That bond of friendship gets stronger
with every poem and prayer that we write.
Maybe we will never meet in person,
but that does not matter at all.
Because through our words
the world has shrunk,
and it is as if she
is living right next door.
That if we reached out
our hands would touch
as our words have done before.
This poem was written
in friendship for a very special friend
Meggie Gultiano.

28 July 2007

by David Harris

Comments (3)

It`s nice to pay tribute to a friend, what better way than poetry my friend..10
Thanks David for taking your time writing a tribute for me. I will always treasure this.This is a very nice piece, intelligently written not because you've written it for me, but because God has showered you with a talent like this. I was really surpised! God does really takes care of me.. love and hugs, Meggie
He's a keeper Meggie....His heart is off the charts: O)