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For Melissa

Since the last moon girl you know
Your eyes bore holes upon my soul,
Becoming whole again with out you
Has not seemed real, impossible.

Shadowed walks and sailboat talks,
They play like children in my head.
The night is full of your sweet face,
And every word you’ve ever said.

I could leave from here tomorrow,
And never wander home again,
If I would never see your sorrow,
And I could always call you friend.

Your angel eyes have touched upon,
The inner-essence of my being,
And now that you have up and gone,
My eyes are having trouble seeing.

The golden hair upon your shoulders,
Like thread is woven in my dreams.
I know dreams break when I’m older,
But you’ll still sew up all the seams.

And if we never saw each other,
Until we met someday again,
I know I’d never love another,
Quite like I love you my friend.

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