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For Men Hurt By Women.
KD ( / Australia)

For Men Hurt By Women.

I share these words;
(they come right from my core)
‘ You need to be your own best friend
from now
to evermore’.

Don't let any sweet young thing
leave you with a frown,
don't let someone else's power
ever get you down.
Don't jump just because she says to,
don't lose yourself...to please,
don't be polite when she is rude,
don't put up with a sleaze.
Don't say you do not mind the pain
when she has crushed your soul,
don't tell her 'that's o.kay, '
she's stole.
Don't be a beaten timid whimp
(downtrodden 'till you're mad,)
don't accept excuses when
she's lost all you had.
Don't let her tear your heart to shreds
or make you lose your cool,
you don't need her in your bed
if she just treats you like a fool.
Don't be a mat, you're more than that,
(this truth you must condone,)
don't be afraid to make the choice
of facing life...alone.
You never were ‘the other half’
you always were a whole,
it's better to live life alone,
than let her KILL your soul.
Believe you have the right to be
'treated like a king',
don't be abused
and don't be used,
don't let her clip your wing.
Don't let her make you hate yourself
or make you feel that low;
don't ever stay with violence
if you find it with her....GO!
Don't let a woman (or a man)
teach you boys don't weep
or make you think that gentleness
is only for...The weak.
Don't let your sorrow burn inside
rather than show the pain you hide.
You have the same rights as your sisters
make sure you know it's true,
let your words defend this right
for it TRULY belongs to you.
You DON'T need your fists to fight
just speak the truth for it's full
Dare to fly, (it's worth a try)
there is no time like now,
you can make things better,
let me tell you how?
First of all, the thing to do
Get some Faith,
believe in...YOU!
Take a leap, no sorrow keep,
trust, for this is true,
it's o.kay that you forgive
but also
say ' Goodbye',
for second chances could perchance
lead your heart to die.
(just because you forgive it,
doesn't mean you have to live it) .
Don't tranquillize your pain away,
or drown yourself with booze to stay.
Drugs that help you cope with 'hell'
turn you into
just...a shell.
Want something that really cures?
ACTION (Changing yours) .
This script I give is not in Latin
just make the break
and break the pattern.
Not lastly,
you must love yourself
and see your precious worth,
believe there is a reason WHY
you were put on earth.
Once you start to save yourself
your world will rearrange,
so go ahead, unmake your bed;
the time has come
Don't delay another day,
today’s the time to start,
all the courage that you need
is hiding in your heart.
Don't let your bad experience
harden your heart to all 'She's, '
for the majority,
love tenderly
and have hearts just LONGING
to please.

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Kay you said it all, i live alone and have found myself, the good part is i made the choice A lot of men will gain comfort from this poem, which is a bloody good poem in it's own right I have overcome my demon's and moved on, life is great for me, i answer only to myself Kind regard's AJS