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For Mental And Physical Health Reasons
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For Mental And Physical Health Reasons

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Short term memories manipulated to feed...
Upon long term needs,
With investments made on sand castles...
Can be successfully done.
IF the fad of chasing rainbows,
Remains fashionable...
One stays fantasized within their minds,
With an accepting of a total brainwashing.
A lifetime of nourishing on delusions.

A weeping mouse can dream,
For the taste of cheese.
And for some,
A picture of a steak...
Is better than none.
But one facing reality as it is today,
And has taken the suggestion to do it...
Has been saved from the monitoring,
Of taking an assortment of daily medications.
For mental and physical health reasons.
And this may be difficult to detect,
Since everyone is addicted...
To one myth or another,
That explains the endurance of their aches and pains.

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