For Mike Brown


Maybe the gods are in KKK
Maybe fate allies with hate
But the smokescreen fades one again
Around the farce of love that never existed

Hands in the air pleading don't shoot
Choking on a chokehold till breath mute
Hate in the intensive care of malice
Roars again in this crisis

Someone ought to ask justice again
Why she pats death in warmth of her earth?
weary souls do not want to -
Bear or burn the markings of hate no more

Why does justice fail in the sniffles of her backyard
Hung on the pikes of man actions and inactions
Turbulent skies shrouding dark destinies
injustice delivered in coloured hate

Somebody ought to ask again
where are the promises of uncle Sam
The dividends of his equality
The inalienable rights of freedom?

Stone monuments areyour hypocrisy
So are holidays and postage stamps
Love is getting us killed
But hate will get us both killed

Shall hope for peace and for solace
Be in the uncertain world, yet to come?
For brown: lovein the bosom of Abraham?
And black: refuge in the garden of paradise?

Gone away a pendulum
On the nooses still hanging
from the marking of inhumanity: man to man
Choking unto the death...of all

by Adetimilehin Inioluwa

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