Destroyed In Love

“What is it that I think of
I really don’t know
why do I think so much
I really don’t know
but I do wander
why I think so much
for what I always think of
always brings me trouble
trouble that I what to get away from
it seems like a sea of hatred
that I’m being pulled into
I just hope I don’t change
and my anger erupts
like a volcano that will destroy everything
Everything I worked so hard for
One day I’m afraid
I might destroy everything
Anything I touch
will be burnt to ashes
Everything I love
will be taken away from me
or it will just leave me
I don’t want to be alone
Because when I’m alone
I start to think
And when I think
I start to stress
And when I stress
a lot of people around me
innocent people around me
start to get hurt
And when people around me
start to get hurt
I erupt like a volcano
and then

by shifaaz shameem

Comments (3)

I like this poem it's so vivid yesterday was Chinese lunar calendar's mid-autumn festival
I think it's beautiful...made me smile =)
Just a few mispelled words like shadow and clouds. Just keep writing.