For Mum

For so long you've been unappreciated
Your potential underestimated
Not been shown how much you really mean
Your giving, left unseen
Your happiness put aside
Forced your feelings deep inside

But finally now it's your time
To really be you, and let you shine
To show this amazing person you really are
In this night you are a shining star

All this life you've kept on giving
Not been able to be really living
But finally now you can see
What life can really be
When you cannot help but smile
And it lasts more that a little while

Now you can see how much you've done
And now get out and have some fun

And I just want to tell you how I feel
To show you what is so real
That I appreciate how much you gave
Selflessly to only save
Your daughters from this evil world
You've done everything for your girls

Mum you are just so amazing
So much so it's crazy
And I just want you to see
How much you really mean to me

I'm so happy that you have now found
Someone who will be around
Someone with your life to share
And you know will be there

I never said it as much as I wanted to
But Mum, I really do love you

by Amelie Anonymous

Comments (2)

Your Mum sounds like a truly strong person Amelie. A breath-taking poem...she sounds like she had a life of enduring much affliction and hardship. Give your Mum a hug for me... Take care...
Good for you Amelie. I'm sure your Mother will be overwhelmed and delighted to see this uplifting mark of love and gratitude. Danny