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For My Baby (C) 8-30-2010
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

For My Baby (C) 8-30-2010

The world today is changin in a very different way
No one listens to the people now whenever we say
He has you as a marked target for his evil tricks
But mostly people look at those like me and we’re labeled sick
Without even viewin the signs it doesn’t bother them
All these black women that are mothers
With no spouse claimin fathership
What do these women plan to do with their lives
Gifted with the babies but no title as wives
It’s such a shame walkin through school lookin at most of my friends
Who dreamed of travelin the world now all of their wishes end
Because now their whole world is infused into their creation
Some fathers care but most not ready to face the stipulation
Forcing the mother to take on the world that is becomin ever colder
To raise a child of her own and she really isn’t much older
It tears me up when I hear about this and it’s a shame when
It’s time for a mother to raise a child when her’s wasn’t finished raisin, her
So now a baby leads a baby into a world they’ve never seen
Which is like the blind tellin the blind the plants and grass are green
We live in a world where sex is all that the people see
So to experience somethin so glorified isn’t beyond me
Mostly the whole world has fell into the traps of Satan
And its so degrading to see the problems and there lies your face and
You look into your mother’s eyes and swear a lie is the truth
And she believes because lovingly she has faith in you
Gratefully I haven’t yet bore what could be called my own
But not everyone can say that just like the records shown
Grandparents look so good because they haven’t yet peaked thirty
The average mother is 17 in the black community
Do I hold immunity to the images of fatherhood
Maybe so but I’d be the best dad a father could
For my baby

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