For My Babygirl

BabyGirl, remember what I'm about to tell you.
Life is a daily chore.
You get up and you challenge every part of the day.
Don't let a second slip by,
You could lose years for just that moment.
Remember, not all guys are the same,
they come and go,
don't let them take you over,
there is always that one special guy.
Be yourself, Don't let people change who or what you are,
remember I am proud of you just the way you are.
Walk the other way when other people are giving in.
Don't follow them, you must be a strong leader.
Friends, They can be cruel,
but just remember, I am your best friend
and you are my Babygirl.
I will always, always be there for you
when everybody else turns off the lights on you.
I will show you the way when everyone else is gone.

by Lil Bonifide

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