For My Beloved...

My beloved

I decided to leave this place
and be with you forever
for better or for worse
no matter what the cost
i will die and lose myself in you

i told the Lord that i love you
how much you mean the world to me
how much i hunger for more of you
how much i depend on you and yearn for you

we will serve Him together in a mission
knowing that you love and want to follow Him
you are kind, trusting, lovable and a God revering man
you are the right man to care for me

you will be my strength in times of weakness
my music when my life seems dry and desolate
my shoulder to cry on, my life depends on you
i wanna run to you, telling you
i am your present, your past and your future

hold me closer to your embrace
i am sensitive to your touch, longing and thirsty
stay with me, hold me forever
don't ever release me from your grasp

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Comments (19)

Meggie, this is so touching, I love the tender tones and the expression of your heart...truly beautiful through-out..............lovely composition 10++
sentimental and sensitive...emotions well presented...good piece Meggie...thanks...10
Lovely feelings very well expressed.
How nice to be loved by a person like you. I feel the truest of your feeling. Hope there are many lovers as you described in your poem. thanks also for reading my poem. thanks much.
ammmmmmmmazing! Lively! 10+
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