For My Beloved Dolley

Death is my kitty
She purrs from beyond
I still hear her, is it only in my mind?
I loved you as best I could, forgive me my trespasses
I held you in my arms, small comfort for both.
I pushed and forced and tried to hold life in your fragile body
But like movies we watch over and over I knew how it would end
In time my spirit will release the particles of you it clings to
Knowing in vain it was to try and fill such a large hole with so little.
My time with you was too short, when was the last time we played?
You ever the brave of the two of us steadfast you stood until the end
The car rides you didn’t like, you grew used to the exam rooms, comfortable
Laying, waiting, caring, for me until I was ready.
You protected me until the end, Kitty I am sorry I wasn’t the strength you needed.
I know you stayed with me until the tears and weeping stopped, I felt you there
The purring, I recognized as if you were of me. But it was from you petting me
Comforting me as powerless to ease my pain as I was to ease yours.
You knew though as you always seemed to that it did ease me into your knowing
Now the vessel lies still as I try to absorb the last of its warmth
I know you wander the night waiting until you know I am okay before you move on to
Your own
Eternal is my kitty The brave strong and true. I’ll never let go, but in turn I release you.

by Joseph Camphouse

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