For My Best Friend Laura

She is my friend.
My best friend.
She sits there in a day-dream,
With a cheeky chin on her face.
A super girl,
With a super personality,
She can be the life and soul of the day.
When you most need a friendly face, she is there.
When you most need a shoulder to cry on, she is there.
She is pretty,
But she won't believe you if you tell her.

Dancing like a crazy man,
She runs around laughing her head off.
The one word to describe her.
I won't repeat the blonde thing she has said,
But believe me when I say they're weird.
She makes me laugh til I cry,
Smile and never stop.
She makes me want to scream and dance around.
That's why she is my bestfriend and always will be.

by Lucy Williams

Comments (1)

Reminds me of my best friend who is now in the USA. He is like your friend, he is not blonde though. Wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing.9 from me.