For My Brother

Although most of our lives spent as though strangers,
You are to me Family.
My family is everything to me,
Each person holds a place in my heart.
Loyalty, honesty, and respect for each of you
Has always been one of my beliefs.
I want you to know although I may not understand
All of the decisions you make in your life,
You will always have my support.
We all choose our own destiny,
The choices we make may not always be the right ones; these mistakes have to be made, for us to learn.
I wish for you true happiness in your life.
For this you have to believe you are a good person.
Be true to yourself and to others,
Accept yourself including your faults.
When you believe in yourself, and who you are,
You will find others will too.
I want to thank you for taking on the responsibility
As our father, when you were also only a child.
The support and love I give to you is unconditional
It is for a lifetime.

August 2002


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