For My Dear Friend

Poem By John Zxj

it's for you, my dear friend
I've no idea how to explain
just listen and hear me saying

I know something's ill
with this world
what's going on
it's all wrong
like a patient who catches cold
always chokes
need an angle
to heal your soul
with the promise in her words
that she ain't leave no more

so you are seeking for a paradise
where you deeply hide
hide your real side
being afraid to be left behind

but lonelyness is on patrol
you may feel deep down in low
all I know
things may not always be under control
but just let it be and let it go
breeze over you cheek will always blow

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Nicely written with a great message! Quite interesting! Thanks!

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(yesterday a friend told me she was really sad, or mad to be exact, because her boy friend had another girl. You must know, as a traditional Chinese girl, it is really hard for her to accept. She asked me what to do.And I thought if I were her, I would......Acutually, I have
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