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For My Father
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

For My Father

Poem By Not Long Left

if i could make you smile,
my blackened blood, would turn red,
and so, the guilt in my heart lay forever dead.
secret memories hidden within family trees,
to relive one with you, to amend and appease,
since you ahve parted this mundane life,
with the unwanted help of natures cruel knife,
your gracious garden hath succumbed to decay.
Red, yellow, pansy pink and blue,
rainbows of flowers, remind me of you.
Due tinted virgin trodden grass,
as a child i remember solemn directions to your pratical path.
Remember our secret place where the sun always shone,
Remember the tree i flew from,
Remember heavenly scents from the floweres self,
Remember the dying roses imitating your health.
Remember the rustful, worn slide, which swayed and rocked,
I remember all this now, because your time has stopped,
and i stand alone, where we both once stood.
my tears fall onto the virgin due,
you were me and dear god i need you.
Dear Father our tree is a singing chorus in the wind,
can you hear it? can you?
a soft lullaby to comfort you in your rest....
high, high in the towering trees branches,
there is a nest,
and so the cirlce is complete,
as one life ends,
a new one begins,
Free or guilt and sin,
one day, long away i too shall be allowed in.

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you're a lucky man to love your father and to have been nourished by him not all can say that a grand poem