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For My Friend Debbie (And All Librarians)
BVA Barry Van Allen ( / )

For My Friend Debbie (And All Librarians)

You have a degree in what?
Oh! , ... you are a freshman!
SO, that gives you the right to treat
a librarian like hell?

I would bet that your wealthy parents
are so proud of you!
Oh! , ... not rich folks?

Who is struggling to pay for what?

For some unknown reason, they love you!
... and they sent your dumb-ass here to learn!


The person that you just treated like trash,
DOES have a degree! (6 years)
- - - and it is not in child psychology!

Cultivate your relationship with your librarian,
apologize, for being young and stupid...
- - - and mean it!

Here is why!

For the next four years, you will need books.
Sure the internet is cool, but it has not replaced them yet!
Your librarian will know what you will need before you do.
Perhaps, they have seen it all before!

Then there is library humor:

Give that rude lout a book that is close,
- - - but , not quite! (I'm not saying that it happens!)

Your professor will NOT be impressed!

I'm only saying that in everything that has to do with life,

The golden rule applies!

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Comments (2)

I have always liked librarians and I must admit even the grouchy ones. Always to ones advantage to stay on their good side. :) Good poem and tribute to librarians. I am sure there are many that take a lot of unnecessary rudeness from people. Take care. Sincerely, Connie
I'm a jr. libarian it's an after school job so I love this poem ur my hero lol