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For My Friend Frostbeard

Afeard of losses and accruing.
I’m suing on account
Of please-

Put it together.
It wasn’t broken.

This passage wasn’t easy.
It was bloody
And it got dry.
Its leveling out now.

Have to run!
Halves, god-halves.
And it’s getting tired now.
It thinks it might


Its’ rest again.
It is very precious to us after all.

Wake! Conjure
Fiery fast and whipped up.
Chocolate and coke.
Awake in moonbeams
And cigarette love affairs.
The teenage brain cannot
Indeed must not
God knows what would happen.

Happenings these days. Pink and blue.
Death too.
This is all new to me too, don’t worry friend.

Me was gone, and then conjured up.
Dismissed again,
Whose sepulchral tomb
Is not bigger or slighter than a hand.
Sleight of hand and slanted talks
Beneath crossed eyes
And above equally poised fingers.

The same. Still just a game.
Only there are no sides.
I’ve made a circle square.
I’ve seen the ugly fair.

So then….
Stay wrapped friend. Plastic
Stay rapt.
I’ll return for you.

I picked a most pleasant pine paved passageway.
No escape, but Stillness dreams here in person.
Silent birds?
Have I done this to us?
Oh I do apologize.
The shadowed beginnings and endings
Of thought. Its not always clear.

-Dip out!
My mouth hurts. God it aches.

Oh bother, I feel I’ve simply lost the ability to speak.
Oh God!
What is that light?
Great globules! Glowing purple luster!
Give me!
Ah but its gone.

The pines on left and by right
Pass their glances hollowly,
Slightly, down at me.
I confess.
I ashame.
I sit and start a little fire.

And this fire’s all we’ve got to guide us home.

by Max McGovern

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