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For My Garden

but as for me
i will stay up late
and get up early
as for me
i will dream
and even beyond the lust and longing
i will dream
there of the blue lights peeking
through the lazy hazy mazes
England and the castles
where you get lost
and the
Egyptian pyramids fly with a fire all their own
do you
as for me i will dream
where as words with love i paint
the pictures in my mind
onto the canvas of your soul
and i hope you don't forget
what divine faces look like
we all forget we get to a certain age
and then we forget
what the beauty of delight meant
and the freedom of misunderstanding
of refusing to need
anything from eachother
but rather only to apreciate
only to enjoy like a cat does purr
and a butterfly flitts
and there in the heart of the matter
i see nature
like a blooming garden
full of magic and splendor and hope and love
and there i see the whispy sentiment
that causes me to long
like a de ja vu
that was made just for today
the nostalgia of innocense
the childlike reality
and here
i can almost smell the

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