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For My Hawk And Playmate - To My True Kindred Spirit - Part Ii
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

For My Hawk And Playmate - To My True Kindred Spirit - Part Ii

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Lenchen's reply to Hawk:

Come dance with me
Through heart tangled bracken,
Brambles, nettles,
The pace never slackens.
Sharp thorns may rake
Our thoughts, flying wild
With Hawk and Wolf
Fey untamed child.
Ripe berries stain
Heals fresh wounds gathered
Our quickening gains
In spirits un-tethered.
The steps we dance
To the tune of the soul
from dawn of creation
As two made whole.

Hawk answers:

I am coming, my lovely
and I reach for your hands.
You say bracken and brambles
and nettles and thorns,
let us dive into trouble,
see the devil's own horns.
Slip and slide on the rubble
in this wild, untamed shambles
our faces are merry
our pulses are racing.
As we share our first berry,
drink its juices together,
then continue to tumble
through heavenly heather.
And the mountain we're facing
desires us humble
yet the eden of summer
is giving us fragrance.
As we hear our own drummer
and keep dancing like vagrants.
In the end we fall silent,
standing close under trees,
know that man is no island,
ask what each of us sees.
And our eyes tell the tale:
What our souls can create,
as they -hearty and hale-
choose the other as mate.
Could it possibly fail?
Would the spirits destroy
that which happened by chance?
With our hearts full of joy
we continue to dance.

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