(04 October 1943 / Germany)

For My Hawk And Playmate - To My True Kindred Spirit

Come dance with me
in the wind and the weather
holding fast
we tumble through heather
purple, gold, opal, white,
new discovered
by dawn's fresh light.
Come laugh with me
til breath is scant
our cheeks blood red
with merriment.
Eyes aglow, mischief bright
the other's joy
brings each delight.

Answer to Lenchen by Hawk:

To my true kindred spirit:

I will dance with you
in the wind and the weather,
holding you tight as we tumble through heather.
May the dance last forever,
and may time be abolished
could I say something clever
so all doubts be demolished?
I will laugh without rest
'til my lungs are screaming
will consider it best
to be trusting and dreaming.
Eyes aglow with a shimmer,
like the children we are,
as we dance in the glimmer
of the morning - not far.
As I hold your sweet hand
and look into your eyes,
as we dance through the land,
as we watch the sun rise.
Now I know what I've missed
'cause it did not ring true:
As children we've kissed
and this child loves you.
And wherever you go
when your heart wants to smile,
I will never say 'NO'
to the very last mile.

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Comments (4)

Oh this is sweet and tender, Herbs. A lifting read. (Looking at some of your old ones until you get some new poetic juices flowing) . Love, G.
I gotta finda better adjective than 'Excellent'. This is above excellent, and a very fresh style too. Thank you.
Since being in love with love would be at best difficult and at worst a sign of shallow feelings, I assume you are referring to one of the partners in this as being named 'love' (?)
Soulmates...beautiful! ! ! I saw a couple with genuine smiles just being in love with love.