A Rare Vagabond

Vagabond thoughts have free rein in every aspect of my mind,
encouraging imagination to spread it's wings and soar to
heights beyond those reached before.
Waking every slip of a shadow, pushing them into the light
of creativity.
Overshadowing even the darkest shadows of ebony night.
Slipping along, sliding into mesmerizing rhythms of
tomorrow, beckoning life into a new beginning of thought.
Aligning definitions with novel ideas, shaping new words
never used before in time.
Allowing free rein is a new-born freedom within, allowing
a beauty rarely if ever seen in human beings.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

Oh this is sweet and tender, Herbs. A lifting read. (Looking at some of your old ones until you get some new poetic juices flowing) . Love, G.
I gotta finda better adjective than 'Excellent'. This is above excellent, and a very fresh style too. Thank you.
Since being in love with love would be at best difficult and at worst a sign of shallow feelings, I assume you are referring to one of the partners in this as being named 'love' (?)
Soulmates...beautiful! ! ! I saw a couple with genuine smiles just being in love with love.