SKR (02-03-1984 / Chennai)

For My Love

I never had separate visions for Love and Life
Either I portrayed you as my wife or my soul

I know the pain you had for me in your lonely feelings
I know the pain you are having for my well being
I know the pain you suffer everyday you had for me
I know why you cursed me, to make me anger on you
Thinking that I will leave you alone here in this darkness

I don’t know whether I was blessed for my love
But I know I am blessed to be loved by a girl like you
I am happy for the days that we spent together
I am happy for the hugging you gave me

I still remember:
The day you cried coz of my foolishness
The day you are excited when I drive fast
The day you are happy when I am happy
The day you blushed when my nail scratch your hair
The day you are effusive when we were in the temple
The day you are proud when I was with you

I also remember:
The day when I am happy, coz of your childishness
The day you twinkled your eyes when mine was so close
The day I first cried when I saw you cry for me
The day I am proud to have you as my life
The day when we had secret kisses in the mob

From the day I loved you,
My heart always beats for you,
Just to hear a sweet word from you,
Keeps my heart always from being blue.

Always I'm thinking of you,
To hear the sound of your breathe,
And its warmth for the same
Knowing you'll never leave,
To see you walk up to me,

I think about all we said
And the lives we lead
I pray for you more than I pray for myself
I pray to God always for your good health
I don’t want freak-outs with you
But I really need a pat on my back
I don’t want thousand kisses everyday
But I really need a smile from you
You may be sad for the action I made
But my love for you is true, dear Babe

As my lips quiver with the words I shall always speak
to her: 'I have loved you more than anybody in this world.'

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