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I Still Want You In My Life!

I know I ended it
I know I said goodbye
But now I've come to realize
I still want you in my life

I wake up thinking of you
You're always in my dreams
And all I see, is you and me
Living life in peace

But now I realize
It's not me that you want
It's her, well thanks for telling me
How you really feel

Do you know how much it hurts
Seeing you and her together
Holding her like you held me
And telling her you love her

I never really understood
What I actually did
You just said you didn't trust me
Treated me like a little kid

I understand now
I'm not as pretty as her
I'm not as old as she is
But I love you more than anyone else

So you moved on
I know I should do the same
But somehow, I just can't let go
I still have a glimmer of hope

I still think that maybe one day
You'll hold me like that again
You'll tell me you loved me
And that you made a mistake

But until that day
I guess I'll just be
The lonely ghost of girl.

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hello Dear Poeter, how are you. its very nice POEM.