(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

For My Love

I'll hum for you a melody
no words, for words can't say
the love I feel will sing in notes
where words get in the way.

I'll paint for you a work of art,
no brush or paint will do.
I'll use a rainbow from the sky
to make the love shine through.

I'll write for you a sonnet
with neither pen nor line.
The rhythm is my heart beat
and feelings need no rhyme.

I'll give to you one memory,
for memories are true.
They need no words, or brush, or pen,
to always be with you.

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Need a summary for these poem is here anyone who can give me the summary?
Hello C.J.Heck, Very lovely sounding poem. Thanks for sharing. Is quite enjoyable reading. With Respect, Jodilee