For My Mother

You come to me in my dreams time after time
Very much alive, it seems unbelievable
We're home like before, and I take care of you
But terribly afraid that you will leave me

I can never get used to losing anybody
The grim reaper kidnapped so many from me
Celestial forces shape one's karma for good
Would heaven give relief from a nagging pain?

I'm sorry I was dumb to disregard your advice
Never realized that someday I'd also get old
The life goes on, yet the memories are hurting
I'll always miss meeting with you, my dear mom

by Aram Stefanian

Comments (3)

A very touching poem, but excellent to know that there is great regret. Poetry is the only place to embalm the wounds, I reckon, because dear mom is no where to find anymore. The poem gets its beauty since the poet created this poem as a confessional one. A 10 for the beautiful poem. My dear Mum is dead too, so the words you wrote here are still breathing.
This is sooo touching..mother is ofcourse a great boon..
I share in your pain...My dad is also gone.....when he died I truly learned the meaning of.....forever.... I really enjoyed this poem. Nice work. Sincerely, Mary