(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

For My Sins

((Warning: This poem is twisted and disturbing))
I will bath in the blood and the madness of my sins
I will feast on the pain and misery of my insanity
I shall sleep in a bed made from the broken shards of my hopes and dreams
I will break the lock that binds the demons within me
And in the end I will fall deep into the blackness of my own, private hell
Where I will spend eternity paying for my crimes
But I will have my peace
For in the blood soaked darkness I will feel no more
I will have my eternal slumber
For no longer will I want to live
And I will wear upon my face a true smile
Because I am what I wanted to be
Not what others think I should be
I will be twisted, mad, and evil
I will be looked upon by others a monster
I will be in pain
I will be hateful
I will be happy
I will be free

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