Kyun Udaas Hain Shajar, Aye Adeem Hashmi?

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A great summarization of life, and what it means to have the freedom to go where we please, it can be a perfect metaphor for those who graduate from high school or post secondary and are now independent, true freedom is both liberating and terrifying, but to be the master of your own destiny is enough to make it a wonderful country to belong. A wonderful work.
Poetic meaning? Living in our country is like walking on a cliff ledge? And that our own fear will keep us from falling..... Only wish I knew the year he wrote this - what with FDR's famous proclamation 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...' being a sure contender for Stafford's impetus...
Like a true elder and poetic friend, Stafford's great vision and life experience fashions a verbal sea-worthy vessel for the reader. No swimming is necessary.
it is so true. this face is a shadow too the real me i hide from light