For N.K

Your qualities-
Softness, balance, a sense of beauty
Are reflected in your home where
An unconscious cosmopolitanism
Allows expensive modern art to coexist
With Afghan tribal and ethnic patterns
And ceramics from your beloved Greece
All forming a harmonious whole.

You're happiest when among your plants
Lavender and olives grow
Where they were never meant to
Because of your tender care.

Determination, warmth, sensitivity
Tempered by an objective mind
These are your essence.
Ideas, words, books are loved
With that same quiet passion
You give your family,
Your home, your garden.
And still so much love is left
To give to friends.

by Margery Rehman

Comments (1)

Your words of praise make me yearn to meet the subject of this tribute. You have offered a perfect selection of qualities (rather like a smorgasborg) to enable the reader to form an emotional relationship with the one who has made such an impression on you. I hope he/she reads this. Great work. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥