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For No Two Seems The Same

The journey through life for no two seems the same
Some born to know of wealth and widespread fame
And many are born into poor circumstance
And of any success in life does stand little chance.

Since circumstance of birth is a roll of the dice
What does this say of those who talk of life's choice
Opinionated and arrogant in their own conceit
People who never had to live on poverty street.

And the judgemental sad to say plentiful everywhere
There are millions of them in the big World out there
Compassion and understanding not in them to show
Of what it takes to be human they hardly would know.

'Tis part of our existence but when all is said and done
Life's journey for many is quite a hard one
And you who talk of life's choices in your ways you are small
But I will drink to the truth in a 'fair go for all'.

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