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For Nothing Tells The Story Better Than God

For Nothing Tells The Story Better Than God

'Hey God, how did your day go? '
'Why let me tell you, my child.'

As I looked up,
The wind starting to embrace my face
My eyes squinted, momentarily
They could not handle the vast beauty of the sky.

The clouds arranged from skinniest to thickest,
Light to dark, with a little contrast,
The sun setting majestically over the mountains

I stared in aw for a few moments
Left speechless by this wonderful painting
A painting done by no man, but rather,
God himself

So I thought to myself how does this-
Answer my question.
Then it hit, God was blessing me with this gift
So he was pleased,

He did this not for his own sake
But rather for my sake
So I know his majesty and craftsmanship
It doesn't matter how your day starts that counts
Its how it ends is important.


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