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For Now A Mystery
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

For Now A Mystery

For now you're just a mystery
There's a lot you're just not telling me
I'm sure you do more than nothing
And less than nothing containing everything
I might know your favorite color but that doesn't mean I know who you are
Sometimes your answers to my questions make me feel you're far
Like there's a distance between us, but I still want to know you more
I want to see what's at the very core
There's just something about that interests me
There's so much more of you I have yet to see.
I know this to be true
That I don't really know you
But that's only cause for me to desire to know you better
I don't want you to be that girl you know her...
I want to really know who you are
Really know you down to every last scratch and scar

It just seems that when I'm open and willing share
Willing to make the effort to talk to you willing to dare
To be there for you even when I don't know you, it just seems
That I shouldn't have to give you a personality in my dreams
But when I'm ready to share all of me that you'd share you
You know that you'd share who you are too
But somehow that doesn't feel like it's the case
But I'll give you space
For now you're a mystery
But that only makes me
Want to know you more and deeper
Until you're more than her
Until I'm more than him, until we're we
Or maybe not that far
Maybe just friends
But this too, for now a mystery, cause we don't know who each other are
One day soon we'll both know if we're friends or more, how this ends.
But for now a mystery.

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