For Once… All I’ve Ever Wanted

For once I wanted all I've ever wanted was for you
to see me for who I am
I wanted you to see the real me,
not the outside but the inside
I’m not like others I’m different and I’m good inside
I’m not selfish or careless, I’m myself that's who I am
For once I wanted you to help me clarify what my life is about,
why I'm I alive? why do i water?
I love to run through the forest in the night,
to watch the stars shine in the clear dark sky watch my tiny heart beat slowly looking at you
To get lost and find myself back in your heart were I belong
All I’ve ever wanted was for people to accept me and do you accept me
For once don’t you see what I contribute to make this world work?
I see myself as the soul in this tiny heart which floats in the sky everywhere,
Without me people wouldn’t be here trying to live there life’s,
They wouldn’t be there selves and they would be something there not
Don’t you see what I cause this tiny heart to float?
For once all I've ever wanted was to give hope to everyone except myself
Happiness is around me but I’m not the one that’s creating it,
I see myself wrapped in your heart which you’ll never know I’m their
I’m always here alive remembering the past and the future,
For once i feel ALIVE.

by Ashley Avila

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