(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

For One Fleeting Moment

For One Fleeting Moment
You reached in and you touched my heart.
You engulfed my very being
And enraptured my aloneness.

And with love and compassion
You loosed the shackles of my life
To embrace beneath the rubble's
Of my broken dreams.

It was you that taken the fragments
Of my sunken heart and piece by piece
You gathered the elements of time
And eradicated the remembrance of my loneliness.

You alone captured the essence of my lingering yearnings
And placed them in an ambiance of true submission
That succumbs to the beat of your heart
And as a dove you released me that I might love again.

Beyond the indebtedness of gratitude
With an open heart and with my eyes gently closed
I surrender myself to reminisce upon you
For this One Fleeting Moment.

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