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For One Football

In some ways humanity does not seem advanced at all
People in their physical prime tussling over possession of one football
They ought to get a football each with for to play
And for many it would be just as enjoyable for to watch anyway
People making a hero out of a person driving fast in a racing car
For a sport fanatic you need not walk that far
In fact no further than your local pub where on t v on a Saturday
They cheer when their favorite team their opponents outplay
If people were more interested in the welfare of Mother Earth than in sports we would have a better World to live in
A healthier Mother Earth for us all would be a great win
Huge amounts of money attending sporting and entertainment events people does spend
On causing pollution travelling to such events we are not Mother Earth's friend
Despite advancement in technology and science in some ways we are not advanced at all
Many go to watch young people competing for the possession of one football.

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