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For One To Grow Wealthier

For one to grow wealthier others grow poorer human life it is this way
There are winners and many losers in the World every day
It is now as it was always and this is how it will always be
Financial gains for some it does seem for others lead to poverty
Wealthy celebrities can thank the masses for the privileges they enjoy
The child of the very poor parents to play with does not have a toy
Even in the World's wealthiest Countries many people doing it tough
Without a home for to live in they live hungry and sleep rough
In a Human World where billions of people for jobs with each other compete
There are many who are homeless those known as people of the street
Life for them a constant battle just to manage to survive
From the suburbs of the wealthy to where they live just a short drive
For one to grow wealthier others grow poorer as is said i will say again
This is how it is and it will be and how it always will remain.

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