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For One To Live

A blow fly stuck in a spider's web is buzzing in distress
The vibrating of the web to the black house spider is an S O S
That living prey is for the taking he puts on the fly the death bite
The hunter can enjoy it's meal and rest at ease tonight,
In Nature's World 'tis that way for one to live one has to die
And for the spider for to live the victim was the fly
Most of us humans too are carnivores we dine on fish and meat
'Tis part of our survival gene the need in us to eat,
'Tis also part of our survival gene our very need to breed
For the continuance of our kind we need to plant our seed
The blow fly has insured the survival of her kind her eggs on a sheep she lay
The dead sheep the maggots feed on in the paddock today,
For one to live one has to die such is life one might say
And life is forming as we speak in the stench of decay.

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