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For One To Win Many Must Lose

When she was in her twenties of fame she used to dream
And in her wild imaginings she always reigned supreme
Amongst the big stars of Hollywood she took pride of place
And all around the World her's was a well known face.

Now in her mid forties she looks back on her life
Her ex husband a drunkard and a bully she was a battered wife
Her only child in prison for drug offences he serves time
He seemed to have a bright future until he turned to crime.

And though it can be said of her that she has known a better day
She is still a fine looking woman though with blond dye she cloaks her gray
Her daydreaming days are over the reality has set in
That many dream of becoming winners but only few can win.

Things for her might have been different though of many such a thing can be said
And daydreams are one example of when the heart rules the head
And years later the disappointment of what was not meant to be
When daydreaming days are over one has to contend with the reality

Of having to live an ordinary existence and not seeing your dreams come true
Though to daydream of wealth and great fame she is not one of the few
And I cannot agree with those who say that we live the life we choose
For not everyone can become winners for one to win many must lose.

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