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For One To Win Others Must Lose

In all things in human life it does seem for one to win others must lose
And everyone wants for to be a winner losing is something one never does choose
Doubtless far fewer winners than losers the poor of the World are not rare
There are at least a thousand poor people for every known millionaire
The winner takes most of the money and most of the glory and fame
And everyone wants to know a winner this is how it is and will always be the same
Those who do talk of egalitarianism somehow does not seem to realize
That as long as there are winners and losers people will never be equal this is not any surprise
In the World every day more losers than winners does this not seem a sad thing to say
Though you may have been a gallant loser it cannot have been your greatest day
Everyone wants to be a winner to say otherwise would be a lie
And this applies to everybody as well as to you and to i
For one to win big in tattslotto so many their money must lose
And winning to most is all important and losing anyone does never choose.

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