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For Our Bad Environmenta Practices

Of few votes on action against Climate Change politicians are aware
And of the consequences of Global Warming too few do seem to care
More fossil fuels are burned than at anytime in the World of today
For our crimes against the Natural Environment the future generations of humans will pay

People say they love their children yet we keep on burning coal
Of our Natural Environment such bad practice taking toll
One must feel for the adults of the future every young girl and boy
They will not have a good future if their future we destroy

When politicians talk of job creation what are they on about
For they are talking without thinking when they never seem to doubt
That without a healthy Natural Environment jobs will dwindle to a few
That the financial economy has it's source on the Natural Environment is not saying what is new

The Polar ice caps melting and wildlife becoming rare
And extinction in the wild state looming for the Arctic bear
We ignore the warnings of environmental scientists pay no heed to what they say
Nero fiddled when Rome burned we are the Neros of today

For our bad environmental practices i am also for to blame
That Australia's bush fires are burning fiercer is to all of our shame
Those with good environmental practices we never seem to heed
Though of many more of their kind the World is badly in need.

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