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For Our Every

For our every error and our every mistake there always is some price to pay
For us this is how it is and will be life always works in this way
But why burden your mind with regrets though bad memories with you last
Since it is true we can only learn from our mistakes of the past
Yesterday has gone forever only memories of it not dead
The now we can only live in and the future is ahead
The past we can only learn from and life's challenges only a few
Every day a fresh beginning and for us to learn something new
Does not mean you are open to enlightenment though time has left you looking gray
All grow old but few grow wiser as the wise person did say
They may have many admirers the famed and wealthy of every city and town
But they do live as the tainted if on their way up they drag others down
That we must pay for our every mistake only happens for to be true
The karma we sow in life eventually becomes our due.

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Very nice poem and very true!