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For Our Mistakes

She liked him because he always praised her verses
And complimented her on her beauty and her shoulder length brown hair
And she was flattered by his interest on her
She valued his friendship as young men like him are rare.

She grew to love him he was a charming fellow
A handsome dark haired young man of twenty three
She felt that they did share so much in common
And she was just a year younger than he.

Eventually he did become her lover
And she became heavily pregnant with his child
But he already had eyes on another young beauty
And too late when she knew that by him she was beguiled.

He left her before she gave birth to the baby
A handsome and a healthy looking boy
But she must raise her son without his father
And the thought of that is something she does not enjoy.

As she pushes the pram down the park path in the sunshine
The birds chirp and sing it is a lovely day
But she feels tied down by her task of child rearing
For our mistakes there is a price to pay.

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