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For Our Own Extinction

For these things known as development and progress some price for to pay
More species of wildlife becoming endangered every day
Mostly due to natural habitat destruction and human induced climate change
The thought of a World without wildlife does seem stranger than strange

No fit home for wildlife in the concrete town
On land for development more old growth trees are cut down
Factory chimneys with gray smoke polluting the sky
To say us humans are friends of our Earth Mother the truth would be to deny

In the abuse of the natural environment for the benefit of the super wealthy greedy few there is a lot to desire
In those who become billionaires at our Earth Mother's expense there is nothing to admire
The World is for us humans to live in and with other creatures to share
And sadly the environmentally conscious nowadays seem far too rare

In our environmental practices us humans should not feel any pride
So much natural beauty for money every day is being destroyed
But eventually we too will have a huge price to pay for our greed
For our own extinction we may be planting the seed.

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