The Invitation:

To a beloved one as if it were the first meeting - the possibilities

Hello, dear one -

I do not play -

but I do get cryptic and 'playful' with words,
but not with feelings -

do NOT fall in love with the words
but with the person behind the words:
it's all part of the experiences,

we, you and I,
as veterans of love wars have endured.

We have known both ends of the spectrum -
the agony and the ecstasy.

I know what a tootsie roll blow pop looks like,
tastes like, feels like, smells like, and sounds like
with its hard shell and soft, sticky when wet, chewy inner core.
When I have one, I do not need to review and rehash
all these senses to enjoy it.
I just DO it!

So is it with us, I think.
We are, metaphorically -
tootsie roll blow pops
to each other.

We have heard the words,
seen the looks,
know the taste,
remember the feel,
and await the distinctive smell
that makes each individual different from the other.

I have seen your words and heard them in my heart;
I feel the passion of your tender love

and remember how the sense of touch
so enkindles me to burn with the heat of unbridled energy.

Now I yearn to taste with eager lips and tongue
those crevices that ooze liquid secretions
with the odoriferous pungency of unmatched orgasmic explosiveness
leaving us in dizzying swirls of blurred vertigo.

I have lived and loved with you in my imagination
and vivid day dreams
and wet night dreams -

and I awaken
languishing in a pool of sweet sweat -
drowning in unfulfilled desire
to be possessed by your own uninhibited
and relentless
pursuit of the ultimate moment -
the crowning surge of breath taking gasps
that leave us speechless, motionless -
paralyzed for the moment in that one instant
of near death but heavenly experience.

When we first meet -
face to face -
flesh to flesh-
there will be no need for introductory drivel-
we will know if the chemistry is right
and the circumstances permitting -
that our eyes will meet
and either affirm or negate
all that we have said -

we will then either remain immobile
and transfixed with hesitation and doubt -
or reach out and touch
what we have for long yearned -
enraptured, embrace in encircling grip,
let gentle, wet, eager lips touch -
then press hard, each wordless tongue reaching deep within -
stroking the inner chambers, dark and voiceless -
yet screaming for more -

deeper, more penetrating -
and both bodies melt into each other's total euphoria,
collapsing - in ultra slow motion
onto each other's waiting self -

stripped bare of all encumbrances -
hot sweat dripping onto sizzling flesh
steaming with erotic anticipation -
pulsing with rhythmic throbs
pounding in musical syncopation -
riding the waves like the rising and falling of ships at sea
whose hulls bash themselves against the foamy surf-
spreading itself apart and letting the eager prow
of the massive hulk enter into it -
the sides enveloping all of it
with welcome ripples of titillating excitation
until it silently sinks itself
buried in the endless sands of time -
forever -

or. until it starts all over again, and again, and again -
until one cries out,
'Enough! I can take no more for now....'

and then, we wait -

and do it all again
as fingers on gentle hands delicately touch,
like a feather,
erect nipples on blossoming breasts,
through the plains of writhing abdominal twists,
to the sensitive mound below,
through the moistened sides of pubic lips
that strain to clasp and tightly grip
whatever tries to enter to its hallowed halls;
and you take your hands and guide mine more deeply into you
and thrust with gentle moves
until the muscles spasm with the moment,
and you take myself waiting at attention, erectly soldier like
on guard, well armed, prepared to fire at will -
or on command - and you place the sentry at your door -
occasionally kissing, manipulating,
teasing with chattering lips and flailing tongue,
stroking, twisting, turning, joking -
and letting him explore with all of himself

all your eager parts
and inundate him with aromatic fluids
and the odors that are distinctly you
and let him lap them up and lick them dry
until you are ready to re unite both throbbing parts as one,
the ultimate union that leaves each one exhausted and satisfied.


we will be timid and say,

'Hi, - er, -

would you like - ah,

to come in - um -

for coffee or

tea? '

and small talk leads

to nothing
but a journey
to nowhere.

The future hold so many possibilities.

Tell me what YOU think, my dearest love.

by Larry Lynn

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