For Poor Joe

For poor Joe it has been another down day
And nothing it does seem is going his way
Though he has three nice young children and a beautiful wife
Depression of late has crept into his life

He owns a nice home, has a good job and drives a good car
And up the social ladder he has climbed far
But he is often not content in his mind
Life can be so sad for the depressive kind

Yet he is a nice person even when feeling down
And a good friend to many on his side of the town
He is one who performs many a good deed
And never turns his back on anyone of his help in need

Of his days of depressive moods he may never be free
For people like Joe how sad life at times must be
That depression is a form of mental illness is nothing new
And those who suffer of it are not of the few

Depression it does seem is a mental flaw
For some people life can be like Murphy's Law
To his bouts of depression poor Joe is resigned
Of late he does not feel content in his mind.

by Francis Duggan

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