MRO ( / East Islip, New York)

For Posterity

Sweet cherubs, children of the earth,
Come blest be - so beautiful in countenance and simple in heart.
No trace of bitterness or deceit can in any of these be found,
But only echoes of laughter and joy in hearts and minds resound, of little ones so lively, and free
And their presence, and blessing the world around! Play - frolic from early morn till night,
While a father toils, and a mother sings, as she rushes about, with you ever in sight.
Always good and strong and alert be, For God, a special plan has for all of thee -
A plan for posterity! Measure now - no one can.
What you can give to God and man,
But keep on frolicking in life's garden,
For one day soon a man, a woman you'll surely be,
To solve, perhaps, more than a few of life's mysteries. Childhood dreams do not forsake,
And plans for a better world do make,
Perhaps, in God's plan, a "light" to a dark world you'll surely be,
To leave an imprint not for a day, a year, but for eternity!

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