UP ( / India)

*for Redemption

Mercy is an option-
unredeeming in
my attire of pain.

Lashed by bitter
storms of accusations
my honesty is
poor protection.

My armour
I thought-
never knowing
it would show
my Achilles Heel.

Opening myself
in all my
in all my
lack of beauty-
in all that
I have ever been-

My honesty
is my undoing.
(Hasn't it always been?)

Mercy is an option.
Not one I'd choose

I'll wait.
And Hope.

Because I know
it's my honesty
that will stand

When the demons
of doubt
are vanquished.

As they must be.
As they will be.

Though pain be its gift,
Love never fails.

1 July, '07

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Comments (3)

honesty can undo all demons of doubt...this an emotional fill...my consoling ten...
Usha, it is a write I was waiting for.... though pain be its gift love never fails.. what a finish.. I loved it.....good redemption... Rema
my honesty is poor protection .it's my honesty that will stand guard- How true.....it shook the British empire nicely penned