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For The Animals
EM (7/20 / Brawley, CA)

For The Animals

Poem By Eli MorenoDrew

Does the bird know the song
it sings by heart?
Or does it simply whistle it's tune
Different from the start?

What if the owl really wants to know
The destroyer of her nest?
'Who? Who? Who? ' she cries
Nervous and a mess.

If the lion stands on his rock,
Is he not proud?
Basking in his glory,
Yelling warnings aloud.

When the dog wags his tail,
We know that he be gay.
But tell me, if you were him,
Would there be any other way?

What goes on in the Beast's head?
Will we ever really know?
Or are we men just truly blind...
Their thoughts they truly show.

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Good and true. good write