For The Future

The first day I saw
you in her arms
so happy I was to see the
smiles on your faces

Days and days past
a friend you had always been
and when your heart
was destroyed
I was there
to put it together again

Our bond only made stronger
through all of the time
and even when
her desires tugged at your heart
I’ve let you come and go as you please
until the day you realized
I was all you need

When she begged for you back
you were here for me
as I for you

A warm summer day
on the beach with my white dress
and roses
and all I could see was
your beautiful smile
ahead of me

Kissing your soft lips
and vowing forever

A year gone by
and in a small little room
two daughters in our arms
and a son by our side

Only to be on earth
for two months before
with all clothing packed
we watched you get on that plane
gone to defend
the stars The Great built

A box full of letters
stashed under my bed
full of our lives
while our children grew
with only words on paper
to guide them
but with love unbound

And when that car
parked itself outside
my heart flew
only to receive another letter
but without disappointment
I took it in my hands
till it fell to the floor

That hard bench
I will never forget
the way my shoes
squeaked on the floor
and the way I could breath

Until that man
with his somber
numb eyes
avoided my gaze
and placed that
folded up flag in my lap
and then
my heart fell
when I had to tell my son
that his daddy
wasn’t coming home

by Alicya Trevor

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