For The Love Of Poetry

Poetry Is,
Of Life the vent,
It clears the head,
It heals the heart,
It gives some lives,
A brand new start.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (2)

THIS poem reveals some of the strength that poets possess. It is the healing, restorative, regenerating power of poetry that makes them strong. It's easy for even those of us surrounded by poetry to forget this. We need to take time off from the ordinary rat-race to let these healing powers work their natural magic. Certainly reading someone else's poetry as I'm reading yours now can help accomplish this. I'm not stuck in my mind, obsessing over things, but rather attentive to the poetic spirit you are sharing. I'm like the patient following my doctor's advice, trusting in her words, following in her path. The healing is effortless.
Great piece Sandra. Such a true thing that poetry is a way of healing and so much more. Wonderful. :)